Terms Beginning With 'F'

1913 Federal Reserve ActFAANG StocksFace ValueFacilityFactorFactor InvestingFactor MarketFactors of ProductionFactSetFacultative ReinsuranceFailFair Credit Billing Act (FCBA)Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)Fair Labor Standards ActFair Market Value (FMV)Fair ValueFallen AngelFalling KnifeFama and French Three Factor ModelFamily and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)Family Limited Partnership (FLP)Family OfficesFANG StocksFarmers Home Administration (FmHA)Fast FashionFast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)FDIC Insured AccountFear and Greed IndexFed Balance SheetFederal AgenciesFederal Communications Commission (FCC)Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)Federal Direct Loan ProgramFederal Discount RateFederal FundsFederal Funds RateFederal Home Loan Bank System (FHLB)Federal Housing Administration (FHA)Federal Housing Administration LoanFederal IncomeFederal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA)Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)Federal Open Market Committee Meeting (FOMC Meeting)Federal Poverty Level (FPL)Federal Reserve BankFederal Reserve Board (FRB)Federal Reserve System (FRS)Federal Trade Commission (FTC)Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)Feasibility StudyFeeFeed-In Tariff (FIT)Feeder FundFHA 203(k) LoanFiat MoneyFibonacci ExtensionsFibonacci Numbers and LinesFibonacci RetracementFICO ScoreFidelity BondFiduciaryFiling StatusFill Or Kill (FOK)FinanceFinancial AccountFinancial AccountingFinancial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)Financial AdvisorFinancial AnalysisFinancial AssetFinance ChargeFinancial CrisisFinancial DistressFinancial EconomicsFinancial EngineeringFinancial ExposureFinancial GuaranteeFinancial HealthFinancial InclusionFinancial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)Financial Information Exchange (FIX)Financial Institution (FI)Financial InstrumentFinancial IntermediaryFinancial LiteracyFinancial MarketFinancial ModelingFinancial PerformanceFinancial PlanFinancial PlannerFinancial RiskFinancial Risk Manager (FRM)Financial SectorFinancial Statement AnalysisFinancial StatementsFinancial StructureFinancial SystemFinancial Technology (Fintech)Financial Times Stock Exchange Group (FTSE)FinancingFinder's FeeFINRA BrokerCheckFire InsuranceFirmFirst In, First Out (FIFO)First MortgageFirst MoverFirst Notice of Loss (FNOL)First WorldFiscal DeficitFiscal MultiplierFiscal PolicyFiscal Year (FY)Fiscal Year-EndFisher EffectFisher Transform IndicatorFitch RatingsFive Cs of CreditFive-Year RuleFixed AnnuityFixed AssetFixed Asset Turnover RatioFixed CapitalFixed-Charge Coverage RatioFixed CostFixed Exchange RateFixed IncomeFixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC)Fixed-Income SecurityFixed Interest RateFixed-Rate MortgageFixed-Rate PaymentFlatFlat TaxFlat Yield CurveFlexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)Flexible Spending Account (FSA)FlipFloatFloating ChargeFloating Exchange RateFloating Interest RateFloating Rate FundFloating Rate Note (FRN)Floating StockFloor Area Ratio (FAR)Floor Trader (FT)FlotationFlotation CostFlow of Funds (FOF)Flow-Through EntityFolio NumberFollow-On OfferingFollow On Public Offer (FPO)Food And Drug Administration (FDA)Footnotes to the Financial StatementsFor Sale By Owner (FSBO)ForbearanceForce MajeureForecastingForeclosureForegone EarningsForeign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)Foreign AidForeign Corrupt Practices ActForeign Currency Convertible Bond (FCCB)Foreign Currency SwapForeign Direct Investment (FDI)Foreign Earned Income ExclusionForeign ExchangeForeign Exchange ReservesForeign Exchange RiskForeign Institutional Investor (FII)Foreign InvestmentForeign Portfolio Investment (FPI)Foreign Tax CreditForensic AccountingForensic AuditForex (FX)ForfaitingForfeited ShareForm 3Form 4Form 144Form 1040XForm 1045Form 1065Form 1095-AForm 1095-BForm 1095-CForm 1098Form 1099-BForm 1099-DIVForm 1099-INTForm 1099-MISCForm 1099-RForm 1099-QForm 1120SForm 1310Form 13F (SEC)Form 2106: Employee Business ExpensesForm 2106-EZ: Unreimbursed Employee Business ExpensesForm 2439Form 2848Form 4506: Request for Copy of Tax ReturnForm 4562Form 4684Form 4797Form 4952Form 5405Form 6251Form 6252Form 6781Form 706Form 8283Form 8379Form 8396Form 843Form 8606Form 8949Form ADVFortune 100Fortune 500Forward ContractForward Dividend YieldForward Exchange ContractForward IntegrationForward MarketForward PointsForward PremiumForward PriceForward Price-To-Earnings (Forward P/E)Forward RateForward Rate Agreement (FRA)Four Asian TigersFour Percent RuleFour PsFourth WorldFractal IndicatorFractional Reserve BankingFractional ShareFranchiseFranchise TaxFranchiseeFranked DividendFraudFreddie MacFree Carrier (FCA)Free Cash Flow (FCF)Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)Free Cash Flow to the Firm (FCFF)Free Cash Flow YieldFree EnterpriseFree-Float MethodologyFree Look PeriodFree MarketFree On Board (FOB)Free Rider ProblemFree TradeFree Trade AreaFreemiumFrequency DistributionFreudian Motivation TheoryFrictional UnemploymentFriedrich EngelsFriedrich HayekFringe BenefitsFront-End Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)Front-End LoadFront OfficeFront-RunningFull CostingFull DisclosureFull EmploymentFull RatchetFully Amortizing PaymentFully Diluted SharesFully VestedFunctional CurrencyFunctional ObsolescenceFundFund FlowFund ManagerFund of Funds (FOF)Fundamental AnalysisFundamentalsFunded DebtFunds From Operations (FFO)Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)FungibilityFurniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)Future Value (FV)Future Value of an AnnuityFuturesFutures Commission Merchant (FCM)Futures ContractFutures Market